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Linoleum Coating

Additives for Coatings

Additive is a  substance which is added to another substance to alter or improve the general quality or to counteract undesirable qualities. 

They are of various types and are used in many different industries. 

The additives made at Kusa are of the following types : 

DISPERSING AGENTS – Polyacrylate/methacrylate , non-ionic based dispersing agents for water  soluble coatings. ​

ANTISETTLING AGENT - Particularly recommended for heavy treatments such as Iron Oxides,  Barytes, Red Lead etc.  as these  pigments quickly form a hard deposit which often can not be brought back into suspension. 

SPECIALTY  ACRYLATE/ METHACRYLATE MONOMERS – Used in inks, coatings, adhesives to improve performance properties of final product like lauryl methacrylate, stearyl methacrylate, polyol acrylates, Ethoxylated Methacryaltes and many more

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