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Surfactants and Speciality Chemicals


Ethoxylates/Propoxylates based on various substrates like

Alkyl Phenol – Nonyl Phenol, Dodecyl Phenol

Fatty Alcohols – Lauryl Alcohol, Lauryl Myristyl Alcohols, Ceto-Stearyl Alcohols, Oleyl Cetyl  Alcohol,

                             Behenyl Alcohol

Oxo-Alcohols - C10-C13 Alcohols

Fatty Acids- Castor Oil Ethoxylates, Oleic Acid Ethoxylates

Styrenated Phenol

The degree of ethoxylation/propoxylation can be adjusted to meet customer requirements 

The above surfactants & combinations can be made to give tailor solutions for Textiles, Agro, Leather, Coatings, Metal-Working and many applications 

Purest Quality Products 

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